Sea Angling & Arbroath sightseeing tours depart from and return to Arbroath Harbour.
Unless stated otherwise.
All Trips and Activities are "Weather Dependant" please call before you depart to check.

Alex Smith
Mobile: 07752 470621
Landline: 01241 875880

Jim Smith:
Mobile: 07836 216377

 Inchcape Marine Services


"ULTIMATE PREDATOR" is our most recent purchase and is a Fast and stable 12 metre catamaran used mainly for commercial purposes. Crew and cargo transfers to ships/tankers.

Based at Aberdeen but have operated from a number of Ports including MacDuff in the Moray Firth to Whitby in England.

These Vessels along with the "GIRL KATHERINE II" can be chartered on a day or weekly basis.
As a supplier of safety boat cover we realise that not all safety boat jobs are in easy to reach convenient locations, our expertise in this field has enabled us to provide safety boat and workboat cover in places that others would not venture.

Safety boat cover is not just about a skipper sitting in a boat all day at a project approach is that boat skippers should be highly trained in boat handling, search & rescue techniques and first aid. Our skippers are required to be the type of people that are friendly, co-operative, ready to help out.

We can provide boats for commercial operations at any site in the United Kingdom. Our rates are extremely competitive and our fully qualified skippers Alex Smith and partner Jim Smith (Skippers) have over 80 years combined sea going experience with the past 8 years in the Sea Angling and Charter trade.


Ultimate Predator

Ultimate Predator